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Frequently asked Questions


What is the concept of Yes We Dress?

Yes We Dress
is an online store that offers brand new, authentic, outlet-style clothing, coupled with a marketplace on which you can 
sell your exceptional products or buy the treasures of other sellers.

How to create a buyer account?

To create a buyer account simply enter your e-mail address by following this link https://www.yeswedress.fr/mon-compte/ and click on « register ». A password will be generated automatically. You can then change it and complete all of your personal information.

How to create a seller account?

o become a seller of your own shop, simply create an account on this link https://www.yeswedress.fr/ creation-mini-shop / with an identifier and your e-mail. You will immediately receive an e-mail verification code that must be indicated on the form, then complete your personal information (address, name of your mini shop, etc …). Finally click on « accept the terms and conditions » and « register ». Good sales !!

What is the amount of your commission if I want to sell on the marketplace?

Yes We Dress charges a fixed and reasonable fee of 25%. The publication of your ads is free and unlimited.

As part of the concierge service, the Yes We Dress commission is only 35%.


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